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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Edition  CBS  April 13, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hello again, you're looking live at the space walk in outer space, of course. the third of the current shuttle mission to the international space station. they've been out there for an hour and a half so far. they're working their way somewhere. and we could quit right now. >> you know, i'm telling you. could i be honest with you. to see hour name on the marquis, i'm with you, this is the highlight. yeah, we had our names on the score board at camden yards, but this is great. what a triple feature. >> well, that was a cool thing.
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>> we're the red eye edition of eyewitness news. >> well, we'll get to it. this is the first warning weather doppler weather radar, we're seeing a good amount of moisture aloft. it's starting to move our way in that -- well, it's kind of well, a back door cold front getting ready to spread some of the moisture across the area. it's hefty, trying to enter the mid-atlantic. what we're seeing here, it's a solid chance, i think from lunch on of seeing shower activity. it looks like we may have a bit of a sunrise, certainly, we'll cloud up by midday and i think that noon to 6:00, we'll see showers in the area. it's not out of the question, take an umbrella to work and school with you. temperatures in the 50s and
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we're going to 53 to 56. it will be gray, damp and chilly. and apparently, no one's spent out of control, but it's able to happen. here's christy with wjz-13 traffic control. >> thank you, and that's all good, but we have accidents and delays out there. westbound 70 at marriottsville road, we have an accident that's blocking the right hand lane and moving to 95 southbound, the situation hasn't gotten any better. it's bumper to bumper to the beltway and that's before the beltway blocking the two left lanes. we have a disabled tractor trailer blocking the right hand lane, that's easttown pedonia road and the beltway, a slight slowdown at harford road. now, we're looking live here at 95 north of white marsh and overhere at 95 south of 895.
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for the most accurate information available, go to back to you. and thank you, here's what people are talking about newswise today, the successes and short falls of the general assembly. not everyone's pleased about the situation. wjz and and and are -- and andrea fujii are live with the story. >> reporter: the lawmakers ended up with a compromise and the budget that passed will lead to highier taxes. >> reporter: with the midnight oil burns at the state house, the lawmakers are passing the haul marks of the session. >> it is declaired passed. >> reporter: as the law makers are remember the murder of the 11-year-old as the hand. -- at the hands of a sex
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offender, they increased the offense to 15 years for sex offenders. they also took away prison credits for the sex offenders. >> we worked hard on it based upon the heart break that folks felt in maryland. >> reporter: the rules of the road have also change. the next time you talk on the phone while you drive, it better be on a head set or you'll face a fine of $40 or $100. and lawmakers weakened the texting while driving laws alawing people to send messages while at a red light. the budget itself is an election year budget, it's dishonest and we're not solving the long term deficit. >> reporter: the state will spend more than it takes in, relying on the stimulus dallas to close the $2 billion gap.
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the governor remains confident saying that the economy will turn around. >> we're going to need to continue to make cuts until the economy comes back and we'll have a better appreciation for the new normal. >> reporter: governor o'malley won't promise that the taxes will be the same. he says that doing so will be irresponsible. thank you, andrea and the state spending plan leads a short fall for next year as well. >> mayor stephanie rawlings- blake unveiled her budget plan. to bridge the deficit, she's proposing new taxes and fees. and 250 city workers could be layed off. the parents of a crofton teen plan on filing a $10 million lawsuit against their son's attackers and the school
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board. members of a youth gang attacked christopher jones. two teens are quicked in manslaughter in the case. >> it was, well, it is the biggest bank failier in history and now, the investigators found fraud in the mortgage lending operations of washington mutual. mortgage loaners were awarded for closing loans quickly as possible. now, they'll decide to ask the justice department for criminal institutions. conan o'brien has come back to tbs. the show will be at 11:00 and go against the tonight show and david letterman. he was removed from his role from the tonight show after jay
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leno reclaimed his former position. >> phil mickelson hugs his wife and her's more from breast cancer survivers and how they're reacting to that moment. >> reporter: for the thousands of spectators at the masters and the millions watching at home. tears fell first between the golfer and his caddy who knew how difficult a year it has been. his wife battling breast cancer and she made it to the last hole to see him win and not a dry eye in site with this embrace. >> reporter: triumphs helped overshadow another. this is remembered for tenderness during the cancer diagnosis. two time breast cancer surviver
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said she was overcome with emotion watching it. >> here there were, him just glad to have her and crying, to see this guy with tears and her being there. so, you just had to say, oh, my gosh. i understand it. i get it. and that moment on the golf course may make it easier for men to show their feeling when their wives are diagnosed. >> that pink ribbon said a lot about him. a lot of guys don't want to talk about it. they want to back away and he had a pink ribbon. >> amy mickelson is also a hope for women. >> the most of the women don't die from breast cancer. >> reporter: each moment celebrated and cherished as a
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true victory. >> and mickelson's mother also has breast cancer and he took time away from the tour to be with his wife and mom during the past year. >> and turning closer to home. brian roberts is placed on the disabled list with abdominal strain. and the birds continue to struggle at the plate. they played tampa bay and wieters struck out there and in the 8th inning, with the chance to get back into the game and they made a speck tegular catch and the orioles lose 5-1. the astronauts are making their third and final space walk. i can tell you what they're doing. they're connecting fluid lines on the ammonia tank. it's part of the cooling system and the shuttle is going to
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return to earth sometime next week. let's look at the first warning doppler weather radar. you know, we have a new, well, we have a new, well, a new weather satellite. that's the first picture of the earth from last week. here's the first warning doppler, i'm on a wide scan mosaic. the airport radars put together the pictures. i want to see where the moisture is adopt. that's at the mason-dixon line. we're calling for showers noon through lunch and 53 is the high and we're in the low 50s now and we could see shower activity sooner rather than later. i want to get it out to the ronster now. i'm looking at the sky behind the benjii's sign. and you now, ron.
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that's so cool. >> it's one of the coolest things ever. i feel like i need my jammies on. >> well, i have mine on. >> no! good morning to you [horn honking] >> we're at the bengies drive in. why should you have your jammies on. >> well, i went with my parents and they were in the front seat and i was in the backseat with my jammies on and i fell asleep. >> i thought it would be a better story than that. >> believe it or not, we have a manager who goes with her husband and child and they go in their jammies. you go, watch a movie and fall asleep.
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>> i remember the carlin's drive in. i'm dating myself. >> now, an industrial park. >> that's a dangerous thing to do. >> and any way, we're live, middlive -- middle river, the iconic bengies drive in. that's coming up with the eyewitness news morning edition rolls on. [upbeat whistling]
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fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding) the barometer has run a little bit. -- risen a little bit. 53 d.c. and 54 easton and 41 degrees at the ocean. and now at 50 at bel air. 50 columbia and 53 in annapolis and 49 degrees rock hall. and 50 degrees on kent island.
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and an easy scenario today. two air masses giving us showers and cold, well, kind of cold, damp air. it's a one day a fair and not a huge deal. and there's moisture along the boundary dry boundary. clouds breaking tonight and 39 is the overnight low and partly sunny skies tomorrow and a 64 degrees high and mostly sunny. the big change is going to be after this day's 53. we'll see the temperatures moving into the 72 to 76-degree range wednesday and thursday. don, take it away.
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here's christity bries lin -- kristy breslin. and as you make your way, 95 southbound, the accident is in the beltway. it's been delayed back to white marsh. as for the northside, still showing at harford and as far as accidents go, quarterfield road and landmark drive. and eastbound, pedonia, that's slowing things down. and outer route to route 206 minutes to get through. 95 north, white marsh due to the crash, this is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. >> and back to you. >> let's go to the ronster. ron matzs! >> we're out in front of the
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benjies. >> reporter: well, i'll tell you, earn's blowing -- everyone's blowing their horns. we're live, bengies boulevard. good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you. well, well, thank you. >> through for the great marquis. >> this is the 55th season, 54th anniversaryyear. >> and how many cars can come into the drive in? well, we hold 750 and we've done better. >> what's the record? well, 92. we did well with the dark knight. and in washington, we did a promoe and somehow, we had 1200 cars in the drive in theater. you have the biggest screen in north america? well, i say usa, but
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technically, north america. it's 52 x 120. >> how many drive ins are left in maryland and in the country. >> well, in maryland, there's one. >> that's the country, that's the benjies and in the country, it seems for the last five or six years to be around 600 sites. >> and ken adam. how many drive ins are left. >> last count, 381 and 628 screens. >> okay. >> let's talk about you're being on facebook. how do we get the word out. >> we're on facebook/benjies and we're approaching 10,000 fans. that's a big am and we're giving away cool prizes. >> well, very good.
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we want to talk to shawn. we'll get on the other side. how are you. >> i'm fine. you put our name in lights, thank you. how long did it take you? >> well, getting the letters, about an hour each side of the board. >> well, when you first did this. how long did it take you? well, at least two hours each time, closer to four hours. >> i heard you developed an affinity with it. you carry more letters and getting everything down. well, we thank you for doing that, it looks great. >> thank you and you're welcome. >> what's the price when you come in. >> $8 for adults and children under 11, 4 and children 3 and under free. what's the website. >> or
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and marty, don, yes? >> how did they get the name? >> well, how did you get the name benjies. >> believe it or not, it was the name of the area technically, it was the benjies area and there's documentation at the museum, jackie nicole, well, the late jackie nicole chronicalled it. we had thought that it was benjamin harrison who came to the hunting quarters. we thought it was a nickname, well, it was his nickname, but the research shows and she showed through another gentlemen, it was benjiers, the way they named the water front and we think it was a take off on that. >> well, gentlemen, thank you. >> we appreciate all you did for us.
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we appreciate you. >> and what's the movie this weekend, ron. >> i'm going to footnote that with a strange booking. normally, we're family friendly, however, there's a movie called "kick ass" it's popular and rated r and normally, we do a triple feature, but this is a double r. and the pg will commence after wards going into "iron man." >> we got to go, thank you so much. gentlemen, enjoy. >> there's the triple feature that we love. destined to win an academy award. well, that's just flat out cool. >> well, i hope you can take a picture of it. >> i would like a momento. >> very cool. that's on the bengies facebook page. >> ten people commented on the
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appearance on the morning edition. >> well, that's cool. >> we're on both sides, i'm impressed. we're taking it to the break and coming back. ,,,,,,,,
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[ indiscernible ] >> reporter: as much as half of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cool. it's a great time to check your air ducts. insulate and seal your home's air ducts. bge gives you $200 in rebaits for sealing them. and for more information on being an energy saver, go to and click on the icon on the home page. yet to come on the morning edition. >> good morning, i'm kelly mcpherson. a riot in college park turned violent last month and now, there's a video that could prove there was police brutality. we'll show you, coming up on eyewitness news. >> last minute laws made in the general assembly and some affecting maryland drivers. that's just ahead. and i'm kristy breslin in wjz traffic control.
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we see improvement on southbound, 95. coming up on coffee with, well, two average sized bald guys. i do weather and he is one of the leading people in finance in america he put together a group of extraordinary individuals. it's a great story and there's a web extra involved. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hello, again, it's the bottom of the hour and a dramatic day's start. and looking live to the north and east, or, well, there's an accident on 95 with the traffic all morning long and we'll have more on that after the first warning weather.
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>> well, we'll look at the radar, and we'll tell you about the slug of moisture sliding south towards the area. now, that's, well, this is a mosaic, i keep bringing this up. it's a better tool that we have. it takes the radars together and puts together a picture. i could show you the true doppler scan. there's a ton of junk, i mean, you can't see what's coming down the pipe. we have falling rain from york. there and then, over to hagerstown. and looking at the forecast today, a little bit of rain around this afternoon and common sense says that will be around sooner than later. we have a high of 53 and it's in the low 50s now. in. white marsh has had a problem from the get go. thank you, don and we've had a difficult morning on southbound 95 and the accident that's been cleared -- and
6:33 am
traffic's slow from 95 southbound back to white marsh and a big improvement from a couple of minutes ago. and if you're traveling on the harrisburg expressway, we have a disabled traffic control and that's tieing up traffic in the area. and no problems to report in or all the way around and senators accidents go, we have a crash at landmark drive in anne arundel county. on 95, the outer lupe to route 100, 61 miles per hour and 6 minutes to get through. here's the beltway and 70 and pulaski highway and things are moving right along. and you'll find quality cars and trucks. toyota, buy right the first time and save more in the long run. toyota's moving forward almost >> a violent confrontation and
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students say it's a case of police brutally. >> reporter: a riot broke out in college park. >> the cops were chasing us with horses and it was wild. >> reporter: this was an intense beating. watch the student down the sidewalk. he was later charged with disorderly conduct and assaulting a police officer. instead, three prince george's county officers beat him. >> another student was beaten, too. these are the injuries, including staples on his head. >> i think that if they were hurt, i think they should. the police didn't have the
6:35 am
right to react that way. >> reporter: the beating happened off of knox road and the video was shot from a student watching from across the street. >> he stops and he doesn't say a thing from the police and they jump him. >> reporter: the chief of police suspended an officer. >> i'm out raged and disappointed and again, that's not the type of professional conduct that i condone here in the agency. and that type of use of force won't be tolerated. >> reporter: in the last few days, the charges against the students have been dropped. >> they manufactured the charges to cover up their misconduct. >> reporter: the officers will decide what happens to the cops in the tape. the chief is not naming the suspended officer at this point and he doesn't know if he'll be
6:36 am
able to identify the others. >> 13 members of the black gorilla family are facing charges. an organization was the front for a heroin ring. >> and key pieces of legislation are sent to the governor's desk. andrea fujii is live on the story. >> reporter: good morning, once again, don and everyone. and the governor's touting the latest successes as the top priorities were passed and leading republicans say that highier taxes are on the way. >> reporter: with the midnight oil burning at the state house, law makers passed the haul marks of the session.
6:37 am
>> reporter: as the lawmakers remember is rape and murder of an 11-year-old at the hands of a sex offender, they were motivated to increase the sentences from 5 years to 15 years. they also took away prison credits. we worked hard on it based upon the heart break that people felt on the eastern shore, well, i guess that marylanders felt that. >> reporter: also, the next time you talk while you drive, it better be on a head set, or, come october, you'll face a fine of $40 fines of $100. and lawmakers weak. weakened the texting laws allowing drivers to text while at a red light. >> reporter: it's an election year budget and it's not
6:38 am
honest. >> reporter: by the current projections, the state will spend more than it takes in rely anything part by the stimulus. and the governor remains confident saying that the economy will turn around an preventing an increase in taxes. >> we'll continue to make cuts until the economy comes back and we'll have a better appreciation for the new normal. >> reporter: the lawmakers require that the maryland utilities buy more utility. it could increase the electricity bills also. >> reporter: in annapolis, they'll hold a bill signing ceremony. and one will allow 16-year-olds to register to vote. they'll register when they get their driver's licenses and they'll have to wait until they turn 18 though to vote. he's been cleared of sexual assault charges and now, ben
6:39 am
roethlisberger is speaking out. he said this yesterday. >> i would like to begin by expressing gratitude for the thorough investigation problem in georgia. i know without a doubt it was the right conclusion. >> reporter: the district attorney said he wouldn't file charges. roethlisberger also promised to be a better athlete and role model. and the bad hits keep coming for the orioles. brian roberts is on the 15 day disabled list. and last night, in oriole park, the orioles were frustrated once again. the orioles fall to tampa once again, 5-1. and it's the next big thing in fast food and you're likely
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to hate it or love it. it's kfc's double down. on the outside, two fried chicken fillets and in between them, sauce and cheese and bacon. it has 600 calories and 32- grams of fat and 32-milligrams of sodium. there's also a grilled version. >> before you wriggle your knows at this. in modern america, it's researched and tested. [microphone going out] >> all across the country. there you mean, when the food police wake up and people throw up the brown sugar. we put it on in advance to the food police. well, there you go. >> all right. >> this is a good thing.
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all right, listen, we have an interesting coffee with. this was founded, well, i guess in 1983. eddie c. brown is one of the great financial leaders in the great united states of america. he was on lewis' wall street week for years. he's being honored and he'll tell you, along with an attitude of baltimore maryland, on the 14th, by the network for teaching entrepreneurship. he blows in giving back. there -- he believes in give back and this is an interesting coffee with. and we'll also do a web extra.
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stay tuned. we have the first warning weather and traffic slowing a bit on that shot of the beltway. and stay tuned, kristy breslin has more details, when we come back, after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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winds are generally out of the north at 3. the humidity is 49% and the prompter at 30.38. temperatures are standard in the low 50s and we'll skew a number there with the 46, pax river and elkton and 43, ocean city. once you get into the core of the state, we're in the 50s. and that kind of changes that. here's the deal. we have a front sliding our way out of the north. it's trying to go stationary. it's a slow moving cold front and that's going to be delivering showers to the area as the moisture streams the longest. we're saying into the dinner hours and i've got to think to myself, some of the activity could get in here earlier.
6:46 am
see the warm front, that will define the weather. and this day's late. 53-degrees is the high. and 39 is the high and tomorrow, partly sunny and warmer and a 64-degree high. looking at thursday and friday, 72 and 76. and the front comes flu and cold front knocking us from 76 to 74. that's normal, by the way. don, take it away. what awaits you on the way to work and school? >> we're seeing improvement on 95 and all lanes are reopened and the accident is on the shoulder. there and moving to the beltway system, we're looking at a delay and that's ten minutes to get by. as far as accidents go, a crash a attracting plenty of
6:47 am
attention and a crash to watch out for past annapolis road. as far as the travel times go. on the beltway from 95 to 83, that's on the outer lupe and 49 miles per hour average and that's about 13 minutes to get through. that's 95 at the beltway and that's the south west side and here's the delay at old court road. and this is brought to you by toyota. buy right the first time, you'll save more in the long run. thank you. marty, too. >> well, the bottom line, this day's coffee with. you're about to meet a man who believes in paying it forward. >> he'll make you proud to be a baltimorian. >> well, he's already made you proud, you just don't know it. i want you to go to for
6:48 am
a web extra after we're off the air and get the long form story of what this gentlemen between us, along with a group of friends accomplished. he's not only directing the youth of baltimore, but got the ball rolling helping the youth of america. it's great to have you here. we need to point out, on the 14th of april, new york city. and teaching entrepreneurship is honoring you, congratulations. well, thank you. >> it came unexpectedly. i agreed. [ indiscernible [microphone not picking up]
6:49 am
>> this is a national program and i said, this is a great opportunity to get recognition for not only the program, but for baltimore. >> and you have to understand, going back in the career, there's a legendary show, and you were the loan african american voice on the show, talking about the investment possibility of america. you've always stood your ground
6:50 am
and move forward. >> we, that was correct. when i joined the program, it was may of 1979, i was the first african american professional to be a panelist. i think there are 11 of us. >> yeah, pbs, coast to coast. and over the years, it drew to maybe 23 panelists and there were others and women added to the panel. >> are you tired of breaking ground -- >> well, i'm serious. and before that, your own company. >> well, are you tired of being -- and what's that. we want you to go to the web extra to get the full impact of the program. and he said, hey, how are you doing. he's being honored for it and is it kind of like, well, can the rest of the world step up?
6:51 am
we're tired of leading these people. >> no, i don't look at it that way. no, well, across america, there are a number of high achieving people of color. and i think -- >> well, i meant anybody that, you know, anybody in the country. that what i meant. >> right, right. there well, i think that people motivated who really love the capitalsic system and prepare themselves for success will do well. the election of president obama changed a lot [no audio]
6:52 am
>> some one who knows my name in west virginia can do something. or harry reed -- he rose to what he is now. the more role models we can have, the better. >> i don't disagree with you. i want some financial advice. >> buy low, sell high. >> and thank you. here's more advise, you're sitting in a restaurant, lights go down, prices go up. >> congratulations on the award. you've made us proud. join us at we'll get into the nuts and bolts of the program that started in a board room and barbershop.
6:53 am
you're a man, i mean it. you're a man. and you're the definition of a guy. we're taking a break and coming back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's look at the first warning doppler weather radar. we have moisture and i'm on the real doppler scan here. we're looking at the moisture heading our way. the forecast is going to be here dinner time and it's 51
6:56 am
degrees and right now, i think that kristy breslin -- we'll see showers before noon. . take it away, traffic control. >> and we're seeing delays on the beltways and slowing from harford to providence road and moving to the westside, delays from 795 to liberty and 70 eastbound, stop and go from marionsville road and 29. a major improvement and a slight delay on the beltway. here's a look at 95 north and here's the delay at harford road. this is brought to you by the cochran firm. go to the website for more. >> thank you, and stay with wjz- 13, complete news and weather and traffic still ahead. and 47 nations gathering and 47 nations gathering for the president',,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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